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I’m into leather now

IMG_4400Not THAT kind of leather, you kinky freaks (though let’s not rule it out…). No, no I’m into the wholesome kind of leather that you can wear or pretend not to wear (poor cows), and even home accessorize with. Since I don’t really feel comfortable wearing too much leather– I mean, leather shoes are still PC, right?– I decided to take an underused coat and turn it into something pretty for my house. I think you liberals call this upcycling.  Continue reading

I’m too fussy for prison (and also, not crafty enough)

Crafts! She is going to knit the shit out of that yarn!

Crafts! She is going to knit the shit out of that yarn!

In my Holiday Living post I called my mother-in-law the Martha Stewart of the South– while true, this is not something I can claim for myself. I can decorate the crap out of any room given the right tools (A.K.A. cash $$$); I can clean like a possessed Mr. Clean; I can organize myself into oblivion; and I can cook a mean cake/cupcake/cookie. BUT, I CANNOT DO CRAFTS! Seriously, anything that requires scissors or tape or paint or glitter (oh God not glitter) I simply cannot do.

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