Category: Life on the Skyway



Hi friends! Long time, no see! I’ve been on what the ancient Inca liked to call a “blogcation.” Yes, my part-time lovers, I’ve been high up in the Peruvian Andes hugging llamas and fighting hypoxia– it’s where all the design bloggers go to hone their craft and cuddle alpacas! And I simply haven’t had the time to type things on a personal computing device! Continue reading

Fierce Flower Fridays


Welcome to this edition of Fierce Flower Fridays! This week, in honor of The Jesus, it’s all about Easter lilies. And for the first time ever, I tried Internet flowers. Yes, that’s right, you can order boxes of flowers right over the World Wide Web and have them delivered to your home or domicile! Now I’ve seen everything! Well, except for a man who looked good in cargo pants that is (yes, I’m talking to you Europe). Continue reading

Monthly bitch accessories


For the urban lady dog, there are an assortment of wonderful and practical canine accessories that make life more comfortable. And let’s be real, comfort is the number one goal for the modern city bitch. Ms. Nola, the queen bitch of my house (and trust me when I say that there is some stiff competition for that title), loves soft blankets. No, scratch that, she loves anything that’s soft– she would lie in a dirty Giardia infested gutter as long as it was soft and fuzzy! She’s pretty gross.  Continue reading