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Thank you for the sales: summer realness edition

IMG_6680Hi friends! The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and the mens are wearing tank-tops again! That could only mean one thing… men have no fashion sense! Haha, no– it means summer is a comin’ of course! And because I would never subject you to pictures of me in a tank-top (maybe some cutoff jeans though!), I’m getting ready for summer by shopping for cute home accessories!

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Official Odoriferous Mondays (OOM)!


As you know, my precious friends, I am a candle fiend. I usually have two or more burning in my apartment at any given time. Thankfully, both Douglas and Ms. Nola are very accepting of my flambeau addiction (someone has a thesaurus!). Or at least they pretend to be. In any event, I don’t care– I will burn my candles until there’s nothing left to burn! You won’t pry the candles away from me, well not unless they stop making wax or something… OMG is that a possibility?!!? There’s a shortage of wax isn’t there?! What aren’t you telling me? Wax making bees are going extinct, aren’t they?! TELL ME!

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A man wears lady socks…

IMG_6255And he doesn’t hate it!

Okay, so sometimes, when I’m bored, I look at the lady shop at Birchbox. It’s a place where the products are more abundant, much prettier, and just plain softer. It also tends to have limited edition boxes that are way more fun than those available to men. So, when I recently came into possession of some credits for the site, I decided to buck traditional gender norms, and order a lady box! Continue reading

Oh that Target

IMG_5812So I know I was a smidgen critical of some of the things in Nate Berkus’ previous line at Target, but ohmygrahamcrackers, his new stuff is transcendent. In particular, I am in love with the new office supplies. Case in point– I stood in the officey aisle of Target today moaning in delight at all of the new accessories… “oh, that’s cuuuuute” “Gaaaawwwd, that’s adorable” “uhhhnnohhhsnackpickle” [inaudible] *dribble* *dribble*  Continue reading

Good design, bad design


I’m a helper, so I want to make sure that you, my precious people, are not falling victim to bad design trends. There’s nothing more embarrassing than waking up surrounded by orange chiffon curtains! Or black leather walls! How frightening! So, without doling out too much haterade, here is one current design trend I just cannot abide by… Continue reading

Driving Ms. Nola

img_0003Our pup is more of an elegant Dutch woman than a canine, so she ought to have the accessories to match. I’m only half kidding, of course, but in a recent search for a doggy carseat I realized how ridiculous the dog accessory industry has become. Never mind the fact I was searching for a doggy carseat. Actually, I was searching for a “cute doggy carseat in powder blue.” Hypocrites in the house! Heyyyyy! Continue reading